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About CJL Tree Service

Cyriel Braet

CJL was founded in 1992 by Cyriel Braet, who has been working in the Sarnia/Lambton area for 24 years. Cyriel Braet is a leader in the arboriculture industry, and strives for innovation and progress in his trade.

He is a certified utility arborist and holds many certificates for his trade, which he used while teaching arboriculture studies at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario.

CJL is always looking for new and innovative ways to make the challenging job of an arborist as safe as it can be. That is why Cyriel has developed a knuckle crane designed specifically for tree removal. Our crane can reach up to 70 feet and remove large sections of the tree and lower them safely to the ground.

Our crane has been developed as compact as we could make it. This enables us to get into very tight and awkward locations, sometimes even into backyards.

CJL has also developed a lightweight grapple for its bobcat. As you can see, it saves the worker a lot of manual labor.

The Crew

Cyriel Braet realizes that you can have all the equipment in the world, but if you don’t have highly trained arborists to operate them, his business would suffer. That is why he hires only the most qualified.

He keeps his arborists on the cutting edge of their profession through extensive, up-to-date training programs.

Cyriel is an employer that works hands on in the field and realizes how hard his guys work. He once said, “I would be nowhere without my crew. They are the heart of my business.”

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